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RAP Instal delivers the following primary types of systems:

Sanitary equipment solutions

Among the skills of RAP Instal, there are the activities of design, execution, maintenance and service for indoor and outdoor installations for civil and industrial engineering such as:

Power currents electric systems:

  • Overhead and underground electrical lines with voltages in the range 0.4 – 20 kV included;
  • Substations;
  • Aerial and underground connections at the nominal voltage of 0.4kV;
  • Electric automations and air conditioning systems;
  • Lighting and force systems;
  • Lightning protection and grounding systems;
  • Execution of electric boards;
  • Systems to compensate the reactive energy;

Weak currents electric systems:

  • Fire detection and warning systems;
  • Voice – data systems;
  • CCTV systems;
  • Access control systems;
  • Burglary warning systems;

Sanitary water – sewerage systems:

  • Outdoor sanitary systems for water supply and household used waters and rain waters;
  • Underground and over-ground indoor and outdoor hydrants systems;
  • Water – sewerage connections;

Ventilation and air conditioning systems:

  • Air treatment central stations and air ventilation and distribution installations;
  • Air exhaust, filtering and purification systems;
  • Air conditioning central stations and systems;

Heating and cooling systems:

  • Freezing or ammoniac aggregates and chillers;
  • Freezing agent distribution systems;
  • Heat boilers and heating systems;
  • Steam boilers and steam systems;
  • Flooring heating systems;

Fire extinguishing systems:

  • Fire extinguishing systems, water management, pumping stations;
  • Sprinklers systems;

Other systems:

  • Compressed air systems;
  • Vacuum systems;